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The ’60s:

In 1962 Bolling P. “Bo Bo” Starke, II, joined the agency after two years of military service. Current President, Trey Starke, recalls being told that at the time the agency profits were split between the three family members—Bo Sr., Bo Bo, and Joe. Bo Sr. would take a set amount and the remainder would be split 50/50 between Joe and…

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The ’50s:

While the insurance industry and Montgomery continued to expand, the agency hired its first family member. Joe Jordan, Bo’s brother-in-law, began working at the agency as their second producer. By the 1950's Rawlings was no longer backing the agency and hadn’t for years. The Bolling P. Starke Agency was now the agency’s official name. Still located in the Frank Leu…

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A Decade a Day: The ’40s

The decade begins the year after WWII began. Bolling, better known as “Bo”, left the states and went to Germany to serve with the Red Cross during the War. He had tried to enlist but due to his age (late 30’s), he was denied. He used the influence of Senator Lister Hill (a Starke University graduate) to find a placement.…

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A Decade a Day: The ’30s

In honor of our 90th anniversary, we thought to share some of Starke’s most interesting and pivotal points through the last 9 decades over the course of 9 days. The agency was established in 1929, so our first ‘real’ decade was the 30’s. The United States was in the midst of the Great Depression, yet Rawlings and Starke (the very…

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Starke Agency Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Starke Agency celebrates its 90th anniversary providing insurance and risk management to the people and businesses of the River Region and beyond. Starke is marking its 90th anniversary on September 5, 2019, which has been proclaimed Starke Agency day. There will be a “Block Party” held to commemorate the special occasion.  An exciting afternoon of celebrations will be held at…

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