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Since the surety industry is highly specialized, you need a proven team you can trust.  Our dedicated Surety Department has 100 years of combined experience. And since our team is continually updating their certifications and refreshing their knowledge of the ever-changing surety industry, you can have confidence knowing that we are handling the details.

Our long-time relationship with the top bonding companies allows us to write numerous types of surety bonds for our clients.  We write both contract and miscellaneous surety bonds. Give us a call to learn how we can help your company move forward with confidence.

Success Story – Large risk negotiated with bonding companies
Several years ago, we were approached by a contractor having difficulty obtaining a performance bond due to the size and nature of the job. Because of our strong insurance and surety relationships, we were able to negotiate a solution that allowed the required bond to be issued for the contractor. Subsequently, the contractor has been successful obtaining bonds under our care, allowing them a more productive business.

Awards and Affiliations

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