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The ’10s:

The agency entered the current decade with more breadth than ever. We hired three young producers for the future. You have to keep growing to stay relevant.   Technology is at a turning point as we’ve gone to a “cloud-based” agency management system in the middle of the decade. This allowed us to be at the forefront of the digital…

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The ’00s:

The implementation of technology and expansion of the agency in the previous decade brought the agency to a new height. We were one of the first independent agencies to have a website. At that time a website was a big deal and expensive. The Biscuits started in 2004 and our office, which we remodeled in 2006, was a part of…

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A Decade A Day: The ’90s

In the ‘90s, the agency would expand "with confidence" rapidly. Remember the 70’s when the agency’s Gross Premium was close to half a million? At the beginning of the 1990s that number was a lot closer to 9 million—18 times more than just 20 years before. Between 1994 & 1998, The Starke Agency, Inc, bought five other local insurance agencies:…

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A Decade a Day: The ’80s

The ‘80s: The 1980’s brings us to our fourth and current location in downtown Montgomery, Alabama: 210 Commerce St.  The building, previously known as the Old Implement Store dates back to 1895 and boasts some of Montgomery’s most extravagant Victorian brickwork. When the agency first moved into the building it shared the ground floor with two other businesses and the…

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The ’70s:

Bo had been working at the agency for almost 10 years when he decided his father, Bo Sr. was spending more time at the Beauvoir Club than he was in the agency. So, he decided to tell his father he would buy the agency from him. Bo Sr., knowing Bo’s finances, “dared” him to try. Bo took the dare seriously…

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