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‘Tis the Season of Giving, Receiving &…Thieving?

What isn’t there to love about the holiday season?

Well, we could name a few things.

When it comes to insurance, risks rise across the board due to theft, increased traveling, Christmas tree mishaps and holiday cooking gone wrong.

For many, the shopping and buying of gifts is the best part of the season, though their wallets may not agree. The best thing about “shopping” these days is that you have options–online or in-store. And, to avoid the holiday fuss in stores, many people are opting to buy gifts online.

Because of this, many have packages and presents delivered to their home just for them to sit outside the door until they get off work. This can draw the wrong attention to your home, especially if it is a constant occurrence.

Be sure if you are ordering gifts online to ask that you must sign for them, or that someone is at home when they are delivered. You can even have them shipped to your work, or to a family member’s or friend’s, if it proves more secure.

Going away for the holidays this season? Our last blog post went over ‘winterizing’ your home to prevent claims dealing with burst pipes, damages due from extreme weather, and everyday keep-up in these cooler months. But an empty home can raise the risk of more than just a burst pipe or damaged roof.

It may be tempting to those lacking morals, too.

Leave on lights and have music playing (think “Home Alone”). Be sure to set your alarm system if you have one and lock all doors and deadbolts, too. Thieves would rather deal with an easy target than be made to guess whether their next steps will cost them a trip to jail.

By understanding how the holiday season can pose risks for damages to your home and theft, homeowners can take appropriate steps to ensure that their homes and possessions remain safe during the most wonderful time of the year.

From all of us at Starke, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016!