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Ready for Winter: Home Edition

Slowly the South’s warm weather has begun to fade and before we know it winter will have arrived.

Us ‘folks’ not so fond of the cold weather and the risks that come with it still have to deal, so, here are some tips to help prevent any mishaps due to cold weather in your home this winter.

1. Keep your home heated to a minimum of 65 degrees.
2. Know where the main water shutoff is and know how to use it.
3. Keep inside faucets lightly running overnight when temperatures fall below freezing.
4. If you own a swimming pool and temperatures are expected to fall below freezing, run the pool pump overnight to keep the water flowing.
5. Drain irrigation systems.

For the snowbirds who take long trips for the holidays or simply just vacation this time of year, there is a lot more to consider when ‘winterizing’ your home.

1. Check for dead or damaged branches around your home that could break and fall due to ice, snow, high winds, etcetera.
2. Get a neighbor or close family member to check in on your home every few days.
3. If you will be gone for a considerate amount of time consider turning off the water supply completely.
4. Check weather-stripping, insulation and exterior doors and windows to ensure no major deficiencies are present. Water and insects can enter through these openings.
5. Keep room and cabinet doors open throughout the home to help circulate warmer air and prevent freezing.

Hope these help!

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