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Road Trippin’ Starke Style

As long as the windows are down and the music is up, you’re set, right?!

Ehh, not quite.

While those two things are very important aspects of a road trip, there are a few more tips we here at Starke want you to know about before you head out with your “besties” on your next road trip, or think you’re Hunter Thompson.

1. Pre-plan your route!

Know where you are going, how you will get there and the estimated duration of travel. We’re sure you’ll have enough surprises along the way—getting lost is not one you want!

2. Have a plan for roadside assistance.

No one wants to be stranded, especially in an area they aren’t familiar with. Be sure to have your insurer’s number on hand (many offer some type of roadside assistance) or roadside assistance program available.

3. Update your proof of insurance and make sure to have a copy on hand.

This is pretty self-explanatory. For extra back-up, in case you were to lose or ruin your printed proof of insurance, there’s always an app for that! Starke even has one!

4. Lighten your load!

This means factoring in all of your luggage and the passengers. You want to be sure not to overload your car beyond its carrying capacity, which you can find in your owner’s manual. Not only   will you be saving your car some energy, you will get better gas mileage and have smoother traveling along the way!

5. Stretch!

If you have an 8 hour road trip planned or an 80 hour trip planned, either way, you’ll need to get out every few hours and move around. This can help stimulate your senses and keep you more alert. It will also help your blood flow and decrease the risk of a blood clot.

*Roadtrippers is a trip planning website and smartphone app that allows you to view a wide variety of attractions in the areas you’ll be driving through, helping you plan your stops and overnight stays!

If you want to make sure your car has the best coverage for your next road trip, get a quote!