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Communication Breakdown: Keep Your Insurer in the Know

There are many instances in which you should contact your insurer or agent about changes in your everyday life that can affect your coverage.

For example:

Let’s say you use your own vehicle for work-related tasks or the vehicle is titled in the name of your company.

Before you assume that you’re covered in the event you have to file a claim that happened as a result of, or during, work-related tasks, keep reading.

Your premium, as well as who is covered with your insurance, changes depending on a variety of factors that include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Travel distance
  • Title

It is absolutely essential that you inform your carrier or agent of changes in the use of your vehicle, and who the car is titled too.

For example, in order for your carrier to cover you in situations like getting hit by a car leaving a party you were delivering pizza too, you must have first let them know that you were using your car for that kind of work.

Or, maybe you want to be an Uber driver? Let your agent know.

Or, perhaps, the work truck you use is titled in the name of the LLC you set up for your business. Liability follows the title so a personal insurance policy would not cover your commercial vehicle in this case.

The language varies from one carrier to another, so it is best to ask your agent directly. Some company exclusions state “while the vehicle is being used as a public livery or conveyance” while other companies very specifically state that if the vehicle “will be used to carry persons or property for compensation or a fee, or for retail or wholesale delivery, including but not limited to, the pickup, transport or delivery of magazines, newspapers, mail or food” there will be no coverage.

Yes, your premium will rise, but on any note, it is better to be covered in these situations.

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