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Top 5 Reasons to Love Your Starke Insurance

Love and Insurance don’t exactly go together like the south and sweet tea. When most people hear the word “insurance,” they equate it to words like “disaster,” “expensive,” and “paperwork”. We get it; and we completely understand why there might be a stigma or bias out there, that ‘no one can truly love their insurance agency.’

However, at Starke, we believe that the insurance world has progressed and moved forward with the times; making it possible not only to tolerate your insurance, but to actually love it.

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We want everyone to ‘love’ their insurance the same way people ‘love’ their smart phones or a GPS. Insurance, we believe; like many of the countless inventions that have come along in the last decade making our lives more simple should bring a feeling of comfort and security; the same way your GPS does when you’re lost or trying to find the quickest route home.

While we like to think there are several things to love about Starke Insurance Agency, we have chosen our top five favorite things we love about our independent insurance agency in Montgomery, AL.

1. Anytime Agent: Our online and mobile app is designed to make our customers lives easier. With the Anytime Agent app, Starke customers are able to access ID cards, review policies, report a claim, take and send photos of claims, and much more; all while on the go! Click here to find out how the app works.

2. Access to Your Own Personal Claims Manager: An accident brings plenty of stress and confusion, without pilling on paperwork. With Starke, customers are able to contact their own dedicated claims manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; ensuring claims are properly handled in a proficient and timely manner.

3. Local: We all know the catchy slogans other insurance companies use about being like a neighbor or friend, but with Starke, we quite literally ARE your neighbor! Our offices are located on Commerce Street in Downtown Montgomery, making it easy for customers to come by at their convenience with any questions or concerns they may have. However, just because we are local to Montgomery does not mean our agents are anything less than world-class! With over 40 professional designations and 85+ years of experience, we are the most educated and experienced agency in Central Alabama!

4. Photo Claims: Part of the Anytime Agent app, our photo claims feature makes it possible for customers to speed up the claims process by taking and sending photos of the damage being reported from their own smart phone.

5. Starkey: Last, but certainly not least, loving your insurance is easy when an agency has a mascot as adorable as Starkey. Because he’s a yellow lab, Starkey posses many of the attributes and character traits we hope our customers see in our agents and agency: Loyalty, Trustworthy, Protector, Friendly and Intelligent.

Long gone are the days of merely tolerating your insurance. Give us a call  or stop by our offices to find out how ‘loving your insurance’ is possible with Starke!