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Tips for Finding the Best Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Is it just us; are we the only ones who feel that having a teenage driver in the house can be a little intimidating? Between shopping for a vehicle on which both parties can agree, warning about the dangers of distracted driving, and finding auto insurance that suites your family’s needs and budget, it comes as no surprise that the months and weeks leading up to a teenagers 16th birthday might bring parents a bit more stress.

While we still haven’t discovered the secret to stress-free car shopping with a teenager or ways to make them pay attention while lecturing, for the one hundredth time about safe driving, we can offer a few tips and solutions to finding your teenage driver the best auto insurance for the best price.

1. Get a safe car for your teen. When it comes to car shopping for teens, it is safe to assume that safety ranks fairly low on their priority list. However, a vehicle chock-full of safety features could lower your insurance premiums, in addition to providing peace-of-mind for parents, which is always a huge plus. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a good place to check which vehicles cost more or less and which vehicles are safer, according to statistics.

2. Take advantage of discounts available for teen drivers. Often times, insurance companies will offer programs that provide discounts on premiums to drivers who go a specified amount of time without a wreck or ticket or maintain a certain GPA as a high school or college student. If you have already determined who your insurance carrier will be for your teenage driver, check with them to see if they offer any type of reward programs.

3. Get multiple quotes. While this last tip is the most important task for those with teen drivers to complete, it is also one of the most time consuming processes, as the comparing and searching can take hours, maybe even days, to do on your own.

Our suggestion? Enlist the help of an independent insurance agent to do ALL of the searching and comparing for you. By working with several national insurance carriers, independent agents are able to offer their customers with a number quotes, coverages and insurance carriers to choose from, which will help to ensure you receive the best coverage and protection for the best price.

Because Starke is an independent agency, one of our local and dedicated agents will work with over 15 of the nations top-rated carriers to provide you with the insurance coverage you want and need.

Complete one of our free, no obligation quote forms, or give us a call at 334-263-5535 to speak with an agent.