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The Number One Valentine Valuable: Jewelry

We are less than a week away guys…and yes, we mean to put an emphasis on ‘guys’. Multiple surveys and polls suggest that men spend on average more than 2x the amount than women do on Valentine’s Day.

The culprit?

Jewelry. Whether you’ve already picked up her gift or not—if it means the world to her, it’s worth ensuring that if anything happens it can be replaced.

That’s where we come in. You can contact us for a quote on a valuables item policy.

In 2016 alone people spent $4.5 billion on jewelry, specifically on Valentine’s Day, as the #1 gift.

Even when it’s not Valentines Day, as you can see, jewelry is where it’s at.


“Why would I need a separate policy for a ring when my home and it’s contents are insured already?”

Yes, we know you’re asking yourself that.

Well…they may be, but we’d advise you double check. While most may think any items of theirs would be covered under a Home Owner’s policy, there may be limited coverage for valuable possessions.

Check out this video from one of our carriers–Chubb, and how quickly they paid a claim for a broken watch.

Whether you’re reading this now or later, the only time it’s too late to insure something valuable to you is once it’s already gone.

Make your loved one happy and keep them happy by contacting us today for coverage on any of your valuable jewelry, art, or collections.