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The best part of bundling up

When you think of “bundling up”, do you think about putting on your warmest jacket or do you think about saving money?

If it’s the former, let us help you with that.

Bundling in insurance is simply purchasing multiple policies from a single carrier.

Bundling your home, auto, and more can save you up 25% on policy premiums. And, according to Experian, the average consumer saves 16.1% on their premiums when bundling just home and auto. The more policies that you bundle together, the more chances there are for saving.

If you already have auto insurance, but don’t think you need renter’s or homeowner’s insurance, think again. While 95% of homeowners carry insurance, only 37% of renters carry renter’s insurance. That being said, a renter’s policy costs about $15 a month on average.

Bundling not only saves you money but time as well. Having all of your insurance policies with one carrier streamlines the entire process. You can access your premiums, effective dates, and policy information all in one place.

You can bundle any types of insurance when you buy through the same company. This can be home, auto, watercraft, valuable items such as jewelry, silver, guns, and so on.

At Starke, we care about getting you the coverage you need, no more, no less. Our agents know our carriers inside and out and can help you identify what’s best for your situation. We compare multiple carriers to find you the coverage you deserve with confidence moving forward. Let us quote you today!