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Personal Umbrella Policy: Yes or No?

Do you have a swimming pool, trampoline, ATV or a boat? What about a teenager who may be tempted to text and drive? Risk is all around us and accidents are bound to happen. The question is, are you prepared for potential mishaps?

While your homeowners or auto insurance will provide coverage for damages or injuries to someone else involved in an accident, these policies have coverage limitations. If you find yourself in a lawsuit over an accident, a court could hold you personally liable for a certain amount of money that may be above your standard insurance policy. This is where a personal umbrella policy comes in and offers coverage ranging from $1-$20 million of liability coverage.

Potential exposures:

• Hunting or ATV accidents
• Swimming pools accidents resulting in death or injuries
• A child getting hurt while under the care of a babysitter or chaperone
• Boating wrecks or accidents
• Car accidents caused by texting or distracted driving

The fact is, it only takes one accident and a resulting lawsuit to put everything you own—or will own—at risk. However, with a personal umbrella policy, you will be able to protect it all.

For more information about a personal umbrella policy, contact a Starke agent, or fill our one of our free, no obligation quote forms.