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Law Firms

Starke Agency has long developed relationships with the legal community. We have done so by not only providing insurance for law firms throughout the Southeast but also working with our clients to ensure they have adequate legal representation.

We understand that law firms rely on unique solutions to offer their clients. Therefore, law firms need more than the “traditional” insurance package to protect themselves from exposures. Our team of experts will work with your company to identify and manage your risk using both traditional and nontraditional risk transfer methods.

We know the risk specific to law firms.
Understanding the legal implications of exposures, the law industry is well beyond other industries in realizing the need to protect itself from risk. As a client, you can utilize our experience from working with numerous other law firms. Some of the areas we often find exposure in law firms include:

  • Client Records Coverage for Owned and Non-owned Locations
  • Practice Interruption including Loss of Income Based upon Billable Hours
  • Courier Liability
  • Personal Effects Coverage for Lawyers
  • Data Processing and Teleconferencing Equipment Coverage
  • Cyber Liability/Privacy Liability
  • Professional Liability to include Title Agents, Mediation and other Nontraditional Sources of Revenue

We know from our experience working with law firms that most partners have a friend in the insurance industry. However, when it comes to protecting your company, you need a broker that understands the risk specific to your industry and can produce an effective solution. Give us a call to learn how we can protect your firm and give you confidence moving forward.