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How Insurance Relates to the South’s Favorite Sport

It’s that time of year again. As college football kicks off there are a multitude of ideas and events that come to mind. Tailgating and at-home parties are usually some of the first to arise.

While you might already have car insurance, it is important to consider these questions regarding your insurance when it comes to tailgating in specific:

  • Does my insurance cover non-moving accidents?
  • What if the grill damages the car?
  • Is there coverage against vandalism in this sort of situation?

Tailgater or not, if you only have collision car insurance then it will solely cover damages to your car if you were to strike an object. On the other hand, comprehensive auto insurance could cover all of the accidents mentioned above.

As for those of you who choose to watch the game from home with family and friends while drinking beer and eating your wife’s famous 7-layer-dip, there are implications to consider as well:

  • Are you going to be providing alcohol as the host?
  • Will there be underage guests at the party?

Alabama “Social Host” laws could deem you responsible for accidents from overly intoxicated guest, or underage guest who might be pulled over on the way home. Fortunately, most homeowners and renters policies cover this exposure.

Additionally, if you entertain during the football season more often than not, you could consider the purchase of a personal umbrella policy to provide protection in case of an accident in these situations.

In any event, take precautions, be safe and enjoy the game!

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