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Historic Property

Since our inception in 1929, we have insured historic properties. Having purchased and renovated an historic building on Commerce Street (formerly known as The Implement Store) in 1982, we gained further knowledge to understand the complexity of insuring historic properties. Today we insure over eighty-five million dollars worth of properties in downtown Montgomery.

Allow us to put our expertise to work for your company or organization so you can experience confidence moving forward.

We know the risk specific to owning historic property.
Historic properties have specific exposures to risk that must be adequately addressed. Some of the areas that must be addressed include:

  • Insurance to Value
  • Agreed Value
  • Property Settlement Options
  • Building Law or Ordinance Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown

With the complexities of calculating replacement coverages for a historic property, having an insurance agency who understands your exposures and how to accurately calculate historic property replacement values is critical. We know the risk you face and the steps to take in order to protect your historic property.

Give us a call to learn how we can design an insurance program to protect your historic property.