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Heatstroke in Pets

With Heat Advisories throughout the past week, it’s time to talk about heatstroke. For us and our pets, heatstroke is a serious possibility. It’s important to take precaution if you aren’t already.

Heatstroke in pets:

Cats and dogs don’t naturally sweat as we do. Therefore, they can’t cool themselves off in the same way and are more susceptible to heatstroke. While our feline friends are inclined to find a shady spot and take it easy when the temperatures rise, our canine friends can have a propensity to get into trouble with the heat.  When it comes to summer heat, precaution is always the best route.

4 Moves to Prevent Heatstroke in Cats and Dogs

  1. Never leave your pet in an enclosed space like a car, warm room, or closed-in porch
  1. Make sure there is available drinking water and shade for your pet when the temperature is above 70 degrees outside
  1. Keep exercise and walks at a minimum in direct heat.
  1. Avoid hot surfaces like black concrete or gravel as it can scorch your pet’s paws


Never leave your pet in a car, even with windows cracked. Take a look at the numbers above to see how quickly your car “heats up”.