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For over twenty years, we have advised organizations and businesses with environmental issues. As in all businesses, the insurance industry is a dynamic, constantly changing environment. Keeping pace with our customers requires access to markets that can handle their new and emerging risk exposures.

More and more we are finding that customers inside and outside of the environmental industry have environmental exposures that can present challenges to their business. If you have an environmental challenge, give us a call to learn how we can rise to the occasion and give you confidence moving forward.

We can help identify and protect your business from environmental exposures. 
By evaluating your business processes, assets, and locations, we can identify environmental exposures and develop a solution. Some of these environmental exposures include:

  • Environmental Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Non-Environmental Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Project Specific Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Environmental Consultants Professional Liability
  • Site Specific Pollution Liability/Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Storage Tank Pollution Liability
  • Transit Pollution Liability
  • Hazardous Materials Haulers, Auto Liability, Physical Damage and Pollution Liability
  • Landfills Closure/Post Closure Exposures
  • Dry Cleaners Pollution Liability
  • Products Pollution Liability

Some of the programs we utilize within our solution include:

  • Environmental Contractors and Consultants Package Program
  • Lead Paint and Asbestos Remediation Programs
  • Mold Remediation Program

Whether you are a large environmental company, contractor with environmental issues, public water works board or anything in between, we can help solve your toughest environmental challenges. Give us a call to learn how we can protect your business or organization and give you confidence moving forward.