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Avoid Spooky Insurance Claims This Halloween

Halloween night is only a few weeks away!  While you search all around town for the perfect costume, (Captain America is currently on track to be the most popular costume for 2014;) decorate your house with cobwebs and monsters or carve pumpkins with your family, it may be a good idea to start thinking about how you can better protect your car, home and family, (especially little ones) on Halloween night.

“All Hallows Eve” is known to be a night full of tricks and treats, so read below for tips to make sure you avoid any ghostly mishaps while Trick-or-Treating or hosting parties:

 Park your car in the garage: Pranksters tend to come out on Halloween night, so park your car in the garage to avoid damage being done by eggs or paint balls. However, in the case that your automobile does get damaged, vandalism to your car is covered by automobile insurance, if you have comprehensive coverage.

 Put furry friends away: All of the noise and activity of Halloween can gets dogs riled up.  The people dressed in crazy costumes on the other side of the door do not aid in calming them down,

either. The best place for the dog is in a back room away from the door, as many dogs consider themselves to be protectors of their owners. Even if your dog is friendly to strangers, the last thing you want is the dog jumping up on a trick or treater, knocking them to the ground.

Light walking paths for little monsters: It is a fun tradition to have the dark and gloomy theme playing throughout your property, but this can also be done while providing enough light so little ones can navigate to your door. Glowing pumpkins or dimmed solar lights are always good to light the way, leaving less chance of unnecessary trips and falls.

Beware of the act of surprising guests: The Halloween spirit invokes thoughts of horror, shock, and terrors. However, in an attempt to reduce the possibility of a law suit, it is recommended to refrain from tactics such as suddenly jumping out from darkened bushes or similar scare tactics. These heart rate soaring tactics may be fun at an amusement park, but it greatly increases exposure to a homeowner’s insurance claim.

 Purchase additional coverage: If cutting back on the Halloween traditions puts a damper on your holiday, there are alternatives to protecting yourself from liability. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas approaching (all with increased risk of a liability claim) perhaps it may be a good time to consider purchasing additional coverage so that you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.