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Auto & Garage Risks

The automobile service industry is one in which we have much experience and expertise. For over 85 years, we have been an advisor to this industry by helping the automobile service industry manage their risks and giving them confidence.

We know the risk specific to the automobile service industry.
The automobile service industry has specific risk exposures that must be adequately addressed on the front end. After an incident has occurred, it is too late. Therefore, it is imperative to foresee risk and work with insurance carriers to develop a comprehensive solution. When we create a risk management solution for the automobile service industry, the following are some areas that we evaluate:

  • Commercial Auto Liability including Contingent Liability
  • Consumer Complaint Coverage
  • Garage and Garage Keepers Liability
  • Open Lot or Dealers Physical Damage
  • Out of State Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability including Title Agents, Truth in Lending, Lemon Law, etc.
  • False Pretense Coverage

So whether you are a new or used car dealer, quick oil change company, auto collision and repair shop, a tire dealer, or anything in between, we can handle the risk and create an insurance program that will fit your needs.

Starke Service
We also know how important it is to be prompt in this industry. Therefore, whether you need our staff to order motor vehicle records, distribute certificates to your customers, or send your automobile identification cards to your office, you can be assured that it will be done in a timely manner. Give us a call to learn how we can protect your company and give you confidence moving forward.