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Wildfire Death Toll Rises to 50

California wildfires cause $845 million in insurance losses this year so far”; a headline from just two months ago.

The current total? A whopping $6.9 billion.

Current California Governor, Jerry Brown, is requesting a “major disaster declaration” from President Trump.

Search crews have found six more bodies recently, bringing the death toll from the “Camp Fire” to 48 and the statewide total to 50. “A new lawsuit blames the fire on a major utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, for allegedly failing to inspect and properly maintain its power lines”, CBS News stated.

500 miles south is the Woosley Fire which isn’t proposed to be contained until Sunday. The Hill Fire has been mostly contained at 94%, up a large percentage from earlier in the week.

Fire Facts:

Camp Fire

  • Location: Butte County
  • 130,000 acres burned
  • 35 percent contained
  • 48 deaths confirmed, 3 firefighters injured
  • 8,817 structures destroyed, 7,600 of them homes

Woolsey Fire

  • Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
  • 97,620 acres burned
  • 47 percent contained
  • 2 deaths confirmed, 3 firefighters injured
  • 435 structures destroyed, 57,000 in danger

Hill Fire

  • Location: Ventura County
  • 4,531 acres burned
  • 94 percent contained
  • No death

Many homes, cars and more have been beyond destroyed. There are many ways to contribute to those suffering from the losses in the fire. A couple of non-profits include:

American Red Cross: This nonprofit has opened shelters across the state to help evacuees. They also have an online tool that people can use to register themselves as safe so loved ones can find them.

California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund: For 15 years, the foundation has offered aid to those affected by wildfires. Grants have gone to rebuilding homes, providing financial and mental health assistance and helping those affected to get medical treatment.

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