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Save on your power bill this Summer.

This time of year, the temp isn’t the only thing rising. We’re sure you’ve noticed those rising power bills as well.

We want to help you keep your energy use down and save you some money!

So we will  start with some of the more obvious changes you can make that reduce your living cost when it comes to power.

Lighting and Appliances:

Firstly, never leave lights on if they aren’t absolutely necessary. Also, by replacing all of your bulbs with LED’s, though more expensive, you will save in the long run due to the fact they are simply more efficient.

Appliances that aren’t used every day should stay unplugged until use and then unplugged after use. For example that TV in the guest room that is never used—yeah, unplug that.


Air-conditioning is probably the number 1 contributor to that high power bill of yours. The magic number here is 78. Setting your thermostat to 78 degrees allows for your thermostat to not work as hard because the difference between the thermostat and outside temperature it at a minimal.

78 degrees is of course too hot, still. That’s why we use fans. Room fans and ceiling fans will become you and your pockets’ best friend. Be sure to close drapes as well, and keep blinds closed and facing up, to allow the least amount of sunlight in.


Early morning and late night are ideal times for your typical household duties, like washing and

drying clothes, that can significantly heat up your home and run up the electrical bill as well.

First, the temperatures are cooler in the early morning as well as well as later at night, and the cost to use electricity at these times is reduced as well.

It is important that you use your appliances efficiently as well, always making sure you have a full load before washing your clothes or dishes, etc. Additionally, washing all your clothes in cold water will help save you even more.