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Preparing Your Kids for School Following Coronavirus Closures

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, schools across the country quickly suspended their classes. Now that states are coming out of lockdown, several school districts have discussed plans to reopen in the fall. However, going back to school this year will feel a little different than normal. Schools might have to stagger student schedules, offer remote learning opportunities, and implement social distancing strategies to keep everyone safe.

Here some tips to help prepare your kids for this big transition!

Play Catch-Up Over Summer

If your kids fell behind on their studies over the lockdown, the summer holidays are an excellent opportunity to get up to speed before the new school year.

  • Kids lose over two months’ worth of reading and math skills over the summer break!
  • Encourage your kids to keep reading over the summer.
  • Download educational apps and games to challenge your children’s math skills.
  • Summer is also a good chance to work on your teen’s driving skills. The Starke Agency has some excellent tips to keep in mind.

Address Coronavirus Concerns

Despite loosening lockdown restrictions, COVID-19 continues to threaten households. Keep your family safe with good cleaning practices!

  • Save money on cleaning supplies by making your own cleaning products at home.
  • You can also clean your home naturally with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice!
  • Wash your hands after going out in public.
  • During the pandemic, hire a professional to give your home the occasional deep clean.

It’s hard to tell what school will look like in the age of the coronavirus. Your kids might even be feeling a little anxious about returning to the classroom after such a long absence. From implementing a summer learning plan to getting your back-to-school shopping done early, start preparing now to ensure your kids enjoy a successful transition in the fall..