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Insurance Coverage for Your Vintage Vehicle

Everyone loves to see a vintage or classic car on the road. How many of us slow down, or even pull in to see a vintage car show on a Saturday afternoon? Shiny fenders, bright colorful fins, white-walled tires, and big, big engines turn us all into kids again. Vintage auto lovers pour their hearts and souls into keeping these treasures in mint condition. These special vehicles need a special insurance policy.

As we move further and further away from the introduction of the first automobile in 1886, the number of cars and trucks that fall into the vintage or classic category will only continue to grow. These exceptional cars are given a car insurance category of their own called collectors or specialty insurance. In most cases specialty insurance premiums are less than standard car insurance premiums, but check with your Starke agent for a free quote.

The collectible definition is broadening and you may own one of these classic collectibles and not even realize it. Not every car considered “collectible” was cruisin’ back in the 50s. Cars that fall into the collectible category can be vintage cars, hot rods, muscle cars, classic trucks, vintage racers, sports cars and 70s models. Twenty-five years or older is no longer the standard in the collectible category and may allow your car to qualify. There are restrictions on usage, millage and age of driver, so talk to your Starke insurance agent to determine if a collector or specialty insurance policy is right for that beauty in your garage.