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Driving and Distraction: A Growing Problem for Your Business

According to the 2016 US Market on Car Rental Data, over 2.3 million cars were in service by companies in the US. With that many company cars on the road, we can assume most companies with fleets will have their fair share of claims. And we can assume some of those claims will result from a distracted driver.

As a business owner, if you have a fleet of 5 or more cars and are looking to keep your drivers safer and your claims down, we may have something for you.
While you can’t control what everyone else on the road may do, you can be sure that your drivers aren’t distracted.

One of our carriers, Cincinnati Insurance, has a new vendor referral—LifeSaver—a mobile software company, that offers a service designed to modify driver behavior.

“Using location services and other technologies on the phone, the LifeSaver mobile app discourages phone use while driving. The app presents a visual block or reminder to avoid using the phone, logs driver attempts to access the phone while driving and scores drivers based on their level of distracted driving behavior. Business owners can use the information to acknowledge current driving behaviors, set expectations for future behavior and improve performance by reinforcing the businesses’ commitment to distraction-free driving”, according to Cincinnati Insurance Company.

If you’re seeing this and you’re thinking to yourself, “My fleet is already covered by Cincinnati Insurance,” then just head over to their site to sign up which is fairly easy and inexpensive.

Or if you’re thinking, “I could DEFINITELY use this”, call 334-263-5535 and we can discuss the advantages of Cincinnati Commercial Insurance and the LifeSaver app.

Life Saver comes with:

• Preferential subscription pricing of $5 per month per phone, with no contracts
• A 30-day free trial
• No hardware to purchase, install or update

If you don’t think this could benefit you, or want to see what other steps you can take to protect your drivers, take a look at our “Distracted Driving Blog” before you go. Just click here.