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Starke Leadership

Starke Insurance Agency has been providing coverage, protection and outstanding customer service to the people and families of the River Region and beyond since 1929. Beginning with Bolling P. Starke Sr., Starke has remained a family business for over 90 years.


Bolling P. Starke, III, CPCU, CIC

334-387-4301 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Trey Starke

Charles Harris, III, CIC, CRM, CPRM, CSRM

Executive Vice President
334-387-4325 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Charlie Harris

William H. Van Hooser, Jr.

Vice President of Employee Benefits/Life
334-387-4314 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- William Van Hooser Jr.

J. Kyle Drumwright, AFSB, CIC

Vice President of Surety/Construction
334-387-4313 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Kyle Drumwright

Cindy Howton, CIC, CISR

Vice President of Operations
334-387-4308 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Cindy Howton

Andy Flowers, CPCU, RPLU, ASLI, CIC

Vice President
334-387-4332 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Andy Flowers

Bobby Barnes

Director of Sales and Marketing
334-387-4311 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Bobby Barnes

Will Clements, CPCU, TRA, ASA

Risk Consultant
334-387-4312 Direct [email protected]
VCard-Will Clements

Walter Dowdy

Surety & Construction
[email protected]
VCard- Walter Dowdy

Brent Teel

New Business Marketing Representative
334-387-4321 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Brent Teel

Jessica Summerlin, CISR

Renewal Marketing Representative
[email protected]
VCard- Jessica Summerlin

Annette Dupree, CISR

Commercial Account Advisor
334-387-4320 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Annette Dupree

Malinda Summerlin, CISR

Commercial Account Advisor
334-387-4322 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Malinda Summerlin

Alex Razick, CISR

Commercial Account Advisor
334-387-4330 Direct
[email protected]
Vcard- Alex Razick

Tamara Monson, CISR

Commercial Account Advisor
334-387-4319 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- T. Monson

Brittany Strickland

Commercial Assistant/INDIO Coordinator
334-387-4323 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Brittany Strickland

Kierrea Stallworth

Commercial Assistant
[email protected]
VCard- Kierrea Stallworth

Nicole Robinson

Employee Benefits/Life Advisor
334-387-4336 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Nicole Robinson

Turner photo

Turner Faulkner

Risk Consultant
334-387-4331 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Turner Faulkner

Brenda Whitney

Administrative Assistant
334-387-4326 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Brenda Whitney

Elizabeth Clements

334-387-4300 Direct [email protected]
VCard- Elizabeth Clements

Angie Penn, CISR

Surety Account Advisor
334-387-4342 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Angie Penn

Gwen Coker, CISR

Personal Account Advisor
334-387-4315 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Gwen Coker

Shelley Woodard, CIC, CAIB, CPRM

Personal Risk Advisor
334-387-4303 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Shelley A Woodard
Tania Fincher

Tonia Fincher

Personal Account Advisor 
[email protected]
VCard- Tonia Fincher


Kasey Moore

334-387-4328 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Kasey Moore


Amy Burkett

334-387-4329 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Amy Burkett

Erin headshot copy

Erin Williams

Brand Manager
334-387-4335 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Erin Williams


Tori Warren

Personal Account Advisor
334-387-4318 Direct
[email protected]
VCard РTori Warren 

Hayden Meadows

Personal Account Advisor
334-387-4317 Direct
[email protected]
VCard – Hayden Meadows

Kim Duncan, CISR

Claims Manager
334-387-4327 Direct
[email protected]
VCard- Kim Duncan

What Starke Will Provide for You

Competitive Prices

Thanks to our independent agency status, we are able to provide our customers with options, so you receive the appropriate coverage at a price you can afford.

Dedicated Claims Advocate

An accident brings plenty of stress without piling on paperwork. You will have access to a dedicated Claims Manager 24/7 to make sure your claim is properly handled.

Proactive Review

We take a comprehensive look at our accounts and make the needed adjustments for our customers, if anything has changed.