Meet your Dedicated Claims Manager

An accident brings plenty of stress without piling on paperwork. You will be able to contact our dedicated claims manager 24/7 to ensure your claim is properly handled.

Brenda Pritchett, CISR
Claims Manager
334-387-4327 Direct
After-Hours Claims 24/7: Call 866-294-2413

Please refer to the list of carriers below, if you would like to report your claim directly to your insurance company.

800-346-0346 x1363  Personal and Commercial
800-264-4143  Glass Claims

Berkley Southeast Insurance Group
1-855-802-5273  Claims

800-252-4670  Personal and Commercial
800-252-4670  Glass Claims

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
877-242-2544  Personal and Commercial
877-588-4527  Glass Claims
334-260-9671  Local Claims Adjustor

877-262-2727 Claims

800-892-8877  Claims

Liberty Mutual Insurance
1-800-567-5568 Claims

Penn National Insurance
800-766-2245 Personal and Commercial
800-374-4990 Workplace Injury

800-274-4499  Claims

State Auto
800-766-1853  Personal and Commercial
888-504-4527  Glass Claims

Travelers Insurance Company
800-238-6225  Personal and Commercial
800-252-4633  Glass Claims

The Hartford
800-553-1710 Claims